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Termite Workers
These are termite workers eating fence panels left
on the ground near the side of a house. This is why I
This picture was taken inside of a garage at a
termite inspection. This is a pretty good size brown
recluse along with the skin shed from another brown
Termite Tubes
Fitzhughs did the pretreatment on this house, and
years later, termites tunnelled up the stemwall over
their stamp. This is no reflection on the job Fitzhughs
originally did. Termites always come back.
Termite Swarmers
Termite swarmers found on the floor of a utility
closet. This was the only sign of termites in this
house, meaning no visible damage was ever found.
German Cockroach
A German cockroach with an egg sac attached to her
backside. German cockroaches reproduce at high
rates, making them difficult to control or eliminate.
These rats were caught in a backyard in Bethany.
They were nesting under a detached shed near dog
food left out in a bowl 24 hours a day. The bottom
one is about 18 inches long from nose to tip of tail.
Black Widow
The female black widow on the back deck of
someone's home. Notice the red hourglass shape
on her abdomen. She is one of the two "dangerous"
spiders we deal with in Oklahoma. The other is the
Brown Recluse or Fiddleback.
This Is Not A Toy
I found this centipede in a customers upstairs
bedroom near a door. I thought is was a toy at first
until I saw it moving. It's about 5 or 6 inches long.
Orb Weaver
This spider is making a run for it after it's web was
accidentally destroyed by me walking into it. Luckily I
had my camera on me at the time. Orb Weavers
weave large round webs typically seen in the spring
and fall.
Sticky Traps are great for catching mice but can also be useful in catching insects that are harder to kill with
insecticides. Notice the scorpions and fiddlebacks on both traps.
Wheel Bug
I snapped a picture of this guy outside a garage. I
see pictures of them but rarely see them up close
and personal like this.