The female black widow can be
identified by the red hourglass
shape seen on her abdomen.
The german cockroach is one
of the most difficult insects to
control because of their ability to
reproduce fast and to become
resistant to pesticides and baits.


In addition to offering as-needed or one-time pest control, we also offer
monthly, quarterly, and yearly pest control options. Depending on the
severity of infestation and your tolerance level for pests, we can tailor a
program you will be happy with.
Prices for in-home general pest control
start at $75.
Remember, there is never a pest control contract to sign. You
call the shots!

We specialize in residential and light commercial structural and general pest
management. Lawn or outdoor pest management is also available. A
general pest treatment of the structure will control the following: spiders
(including fiddlebacks and black widows), ants, crickets, scorpions, earwigs,
fleas, ticks, roaches, beetles, wasps, hornets, flies, mosquitoes, silverfish,
centipedes, millipedes, and much more.

Some insects and more severe infestations may require more specialized
treatments often including more than one treatment.

Tips in preparing your home for a general pest treatment:

1. Remove as much clutter (including toys, clothes piles, pet dishes, etc.) as
possible from all baseboards inside the home.
2. Make sure there is outdoor access to the backyard and into the attic (if
3. All animals should be either caged or removed from the house and
everyone in the home should wear shoes during the treatment and for two
hours afterwards.
4. Listen carefully to the pest technician's instructions before and after the
treatment. Although today's pesticides are friendlier than ever, they are still
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