Your home is probably the single
greatest investment in your life. That's
why termite elimination and prevention
is a specialty of
Strike 3 Pest
. We offer free inspections (for
 non-real estate transactions) and
estimates for the  Oklahoma City metro
Strike 3 Pest Control is a
Termidor certified partner meaning you
can rest easy knowing we have the
proper training to eliminate natures
number one recycler.

If you are buying a home, be sure to
ask your real estate agent to call us for
your termite inspection. We issue
paperwork on the spot, give discounts
for paying at the inspection, and even
warranty our inspections (if qualified).

Remember, there are two kinds of
homes in Oklahoma; those with
termites and those that are going to
get them!
Other Insects Controlled....
Fleas & Ticks
Rats & Mice
Pantry Pests
Wasps & Hornets
Cicada Killers & Carpenter Bees
Ask Us About Unique Pest Control
Problems...we might be able to help!
A brand new professional website is
being developed for us as we
speak. It will be a complete overhaul
with lots of awesome content, an
easier layout, links galore, and cool
pics and video. Look for it soon!!!

Also, we will be closed for Labor
Day on Monday September 3rd.

Yes, exterminator types have
personal lives too!!

Giant spiders, cicada killers, wasps,
scorpions. You name it and they are
out there. With the extreme heat and
lack of a winter, the summer bug
season has been interesting to say
the least. Give us a call cuz we can
kill 'em all.

Welcome aboard Haley Morgan.
She will hopefully save me from my
disaster that used to be an office.
Haley will be handling phones and
data input duties so the guys can go
work out in the heat. Glad to have

Our offices will be closed from
Friday, April 13 through Tuesday
April, 17. Sorry for any inconvenience
this may cause. If you would like to
schedule an appointment please
leave us a voice mail message and
we will get back to you on
Wednesday, April 18.

We received an e-mail this week
from a very happy customer. Nick
was the service technician who was
being complimented. GREAT JOB
NICK! The e-mail will be posted on
our Facebook page.

Because of the lack of a winter this
year I am anticipating a very eventful
spring. Good for us, not good for
those with arachnophobia.

The Fiddleback Spider
If you see one of these in or around
your home, you have problems. Click
HERE to find out more about the
Brown Recluse.
Historic Schoolhouse
Strike 3 Pest Control was trusted to
perform a termite treatment on the
historic 1889 Territorial Schoolhouse
in Edmond this year.
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Referral Discounts!
Refer a friend, family member, co-worker, or
anyone and I'll give you a $15 discount on
your next general pest control service,
termite inspection, or annual termite
inspection. There is only one catch: you are
responsible for telling me who you referred.
Thanks for your business and referrals!!
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Strike 3's newest team member, Haley
Morgan. She'll be running the office.
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